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>>Some updates about my life<<

  • New!! [03/2022] 3 papers accepted at CVPR 2022
  • New!! [01/2022] A New dataset FSCOCO: Free-hand Scene Sketch dataset along with Sketch-Captions is out!!
    The full dataset is still not public due to Social Media ban.
    If you send me an email, I shall send you the dataset immediately after Social media ban is lifted.
  • [07/2021] 4 papers accepted at ICCV 2021
  • [03/2021] 3 papers accepted at CVPR 2021
  • [09/2020] Moved to London (UK) to join SketchX.
  • [06/2018] Joined Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata as
    Project Linked Person (aka. Research Assistant/Associate)
  • [06/2018] Completed undergraduate in India.

Hierarchies of features are less suited to challenges such as language, inference, and high-level planning. For example, as Noam Chomsky famously pointed out, language is filled with sentences you haven't seen before. Pure classifier systems don't know what to do with such sentences. The talent of feature detectors -- in identifying which member of some category something belongs to -- doesn't translate into understanding novel sentences, in which each sentence has its own unique meaning. Source: https://www.cs.toronto.edu/~hinton/marcusquote.html