That guy on everyone's lap is me
That guy on everyone's lap is me

Namaste!! I am Pinaki Nath Chowdhury, a bengali born in an industrial city known as Durgapur. I completed my schooling in St. Xavier’s School, Durgapur. Then, I joined D.A.V Model School Durgapur to complete my High School before finally joining Kalyani Government Engineering College for my undergraduate studies.

I love music and learned how to play the harmonium. But did not pursue it as a career because I loved solving puzzles and wondering about nature (seems to cinematic right?)

You know, if you get time, you should learn 2 things:

(1) Bengali (how to read). We bengalis love to read and write and there are some amazing novels written in bengala (some got the Nobel Prize too!!)

(2) Learn how to play the harmonium. The thing with this instrument is: if you play it without soul, it would neither look nor sound that cool. But with a little magic, it can actually take you to a world where you forget about your worries and all those depressing moments in your life. (Some told me that my neighbours would listen me play the harmonium in the morning, but I believe, they were mostly angry than tranquil :p)

Okay so back to the present, now I am working as a “Project Linked Person” at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

If you are confused with the job title, then you can think of it as Research Assistant. My day to day work involves thinking about problems related to Computer Vision (though more often than not, we tend to work on problems related to Scene Text or Handwritten Text detection/recognition problems).

Like some of my previous works are: how can we enhance(change or modify like those filters you have in your phone) an image so that an algorithm which detects text becomes more accurate in text detection? (many people have worked on this topic, well I proposed my own solution which seems to outperform others for now). Another work is like, you know it is difficult to detect License Plate of vechiles at night? There are a lot of challenges like blur, or too much light on some regions of the image or very dark. Now cases like this degrades the performance of algorithms detecting those License Plates. So, what can we do to somewhat tackle the aforementioned problems or blur or too much light?

Actually, I wasn’t into research that much (although now it’s an addiction). I used to work with various people developing new applications or softwares from 2nd year of my undergraduate studies. I actually love 2 things very much: work with other people (you know it nice to work with smart and funny people), and travel !!

More than staying in an expensive hotel, I prefer to live in descent hotels and travel with the locals to their places. You know live the life of the locals, eat like them, dress like them, sing like them and most important, have a hearty laugh with them.

I have been to several places in India with my family like Delhi, Chennai, Kanyakumari, Shimla, Haridwar, Rotan Pass, Rameshwaram, Pondicherry, Puri. Later I joined some teams in Bangalore and Hyderabad (hence got to love their way of life too!!).

Well, now I want to explore the life of people outside my home country. I have worked with some people who lives in Malaysia, Sweden, London, Zurich, Norway, Sydney, and some in the US also. Hey!! have you lived in Kolkata yet? Its a pretty historical place and we lovingly call it “the city of joy”.