Today I take the first step of my promise to spread education across this planet and orchestrate Equal and High Quality for everyone.

The main goal of this project is: Spread the love of knowledge across the globe so that people become humane. We need to inculcate love, respect and admiration for everything and be thankful for their contribution

My first goals comprise of two stages:

  • Create a study material for school kids (similar to distant learning provided by coaching classes). I want to make this process of creating study material an open source project (but with easier interface to encourage contribution from non-technical individuals). The aim is to create high quality study materials which is owned by NOBODY and could be freely used by anyone with the will to spread knowledge. It should have a proper sequence so that a new learner is not overwhelmed with so many materials and are given a proper guidance. Also, since many individuals do not have access to internet, these materials will be printed and sent by post to learners in remote regions where they have no permanent teacher. Hence, the material should be very clear and lucid to make those learners less dependent on a teacher (as I assume they won’t have access to one).

  • Encourage everyone to teach subject they have some expertise (such as mathematics or computer science or literature etc.) for FREE without expecting anything in Return because it is our moral responsibility as we are luck enough to recieve the gift of education. My goal is to make it a common thing where any indivudual teaches others in his/her neighborhood for at least twice a week (maybe during the weekends)