AMLPR dataset containing 1501 photos where photo contains multiple license plates of different types of cars and motorbikes.

AMLPR Dataset

Dataset Description

This dataset was proposed in the paper “Graph Attention Network for Detecting License Plates in Crowded Street Scenes”. It includes images of different types of cars and motorbikes. Unlike existing license plate datasets, ours contain dense vehicles including different cars and motorbikes in a single image. This increases complexity of license plate detection since there are high chances of occlusion. In addition, there is degradation due to defocus of the camera on the many vechicles.

Total Images Total No. of License Plates (LP) Top row: number of license plate. Bottom row: number of images
1501 4986 1 LP 2 LP 3 LP 4 LP 5 LP >5LP
113 225 562 340 192 66

Dataset Samples

Sample AMLPR dataset

License / Terms of Use

The dataset (i.e., photos) are released following YouTube’s Terms of Service. The annotations are released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

How to Cite this dataset

Chowdhury et al. "Graph Attention Network for Detecting License Plates in Crowded Street Scenes", Pattern Recognition Letters, 2020.


  title={Graph attention network for detecting license plates in crowded street scenes},
  author={Chowdhury, Pinaki Nath and Shivakumara, Palaiahnakote and Kanchan, Swati and Raghavendra, Ramachandra and Pal, Umapada and Lu, Tong and Lopresti, Daniel},
  journal={Pattern Recognition Letters (PRL)},

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