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I am Pinaki. Please use the Navigation bar above to view relevant information.

I will try to collate my knowledge in the following wikiversity url: https://w.wiki/9VEz

If you are interested in doing cute work in AI/ML but finding it difficult to get into the community, you can send me a friendly email. Just say hi; no need to spend hours thinking about what to write. I may not reply immediately. If I do not reply even after a week, send me a reminder. I am not the smartest researcher you will find; neither am I a "superstar" in my field. But I will make an honest effort to help you get into the field and community. I do not need you to have ANY background in either coding or neural networks, BUT I will demand 100% honest dedication and high ambition from you to chase YOUR dream.

The following is for me -- to remind myself (not super important for others):
Conceptual chaos is a major problem. Creativity demands clarity of thinking, and to think clearly about a subject requires an organized understanding of how its pieces fit together. Organization and clarity also lead to better communication with others. Academics often say they are paid to think and understand, but that is not true. They are paid to think, understand, and communicate their findings. -- David I. Spivak