London: The City of dreams.

31.7 miles or 51 kilometers or 30 minutes train ride. That is how far London from my place in Guildford, yet it had been 9 months and I never made it -- until now.

Following my usual setup, I shall begin with a tl/dr before diving into the "experience" for those who have nothing better to do. I also apologise for any typos since this blog is yet nacent and I mean to use it as a documentation of my journey.

Since I was too busy with my research works in the university and a tad bit concern for this global COVID-2020 pandemic, I did not visit London, although it was one of those cities about which I read a lot and was on my wishlist longer than I can remember. I came to UK on 14th September 2020 and it was already 2nd July 2021 and in spite of several planning, it never happened. I met this student (the "kiddo") who lived near my accomodation doing her post-graduation after completing her undergrad studies in London. Having lived in the city of my dreams for over 3 years -- I got to hear the everyday londoner's perspective of the city which made me determined and I knew I am going. So, I was leaving for London on 3rd July and she was kind enough to show me around..

It was 3rd July 2021. Kiddo already knew I was going and had offered to show me around. But quite typical whenever I plan something, the unpredictable UK weather did the quite predictable thing -- rain. In spite of waking up early, I went back to bed crying myself to sleep using chocolates as some form of remedy. I woke up at about 9am (or something) and again quite predictable of this unpredictable weather, the skies were clear !!