How I think I should try to earn money.

I think it would be easier for me to sell service that I create in return to earn the money of the future generation -- Bitcoin.
I got introduced to Bitcoin soon after buying my first laptop in 2015, but did not like the perspective of getting bitcoin in exchange for cash only to sit and wait for others to think bitcoin is more valuable and then sell it. Personally, I felt that in this way, I am basically looking for a shortcut to get rich without actually creating any service that matches its price tag.
In other words, I am basically relying on bitcoin to be overhyped or overvalued and then sell it. I could not see how buying bitcoin with cash at a lower price and then doing nothing and selling it later at a higher price tag -- how does it help?
But, now as 2021 is coming to a close, I realise it is too late for my to buy bitcoin with cash such as USD or GBP or INR. I have to earn it by providing my services -- creating something in this world and getting paid using bitcoin.
And the purpose of earning bitcoin is not to sit on it while waiting its price to go up, but rather hoping that others would also sell their services in exchange for bitcoin. This way, someday I will be able to afford my retirement house and other necessary things with the bitcoin that I would earn.
What I am basically saying is -- I think it is time for bitcoin to be what I felt it should have been back in 2015 -- the money for exchange of services amongst humankind.

Dear World, I shall let you know how this journey goes. I do have a few ideas and this time I won't be relying on others to make it happen because
I do not want to miss the bitcoin boom.